Marou - Tiên Giang – 70%

Marou - Tiên Giang – 70%

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 There are five bars in the Marou collection, each from a different region of Viet Nam and all conveying their own individual qualities to titillate your taste buds. Each bar evolves from the richness of the soil, rainfall and overall climate of the region and then conveys its own unique characteristics through the chocolate.

The small farmers who grow these distinctive quality beans cultivate the cacoa trees in the shade of taller fruit trees such as coconut or cashew. They then dry and ferment the beans themselves on their farms. These beans are then packed in burlap sacks and are processed by the team at Marou.


Tiên Giang – 70%  100g 

Made using the cocoa beans grown by the farmers of the Cho Gao Cooperative in the Mekong Delta. A full bodied chocolate with spicy fruity notes coming through as you savour.


Ingredients: Cocoa, cocoa butter, cane sugar