About Us

For the past decade, hot-chocolatier and founder Juliet has hand crafted award-winning chocolate drinks and treats to excite chocolate lovers from all over the world. As a vegan of 20 years, this have generally all been plant-based. With the changes in the London vegan scene in the last couple of years and greater understanding of plant-based diets, the time has come to stop compromising by offering drinks with dairy - this new brand is entirely vegan.

The chocolate shop and cafe is centred around a unique collection of hot chocolates. The hot chocolates and nut cups are all made onsite, with a window to the production kitchen offering an exclusive glimpse of the vast pools of melting chocolate being prepared. These are also sold in independent coffee shops around the UK - café owners and retail curators rely on us to ensure that their chocolate tastes as good as the coffee served in their shops.

We are focused on ethical sourcing and quality, choosing chocolate from small producers who take care over the product. We have been lucky enough to visit one of our suppliers in Madagascar and see the full journey of the cocoa we use from the farms onwards. If you come into the shop you'll be able to see the photos on the walls and we love to have a chat about it!

We use single-origin chocolate sourced from small producers. We aim to know not just the cocoa beans' country of origin but the full journey of our everything that goes into our drinking chocolate, so that you can trust the quality and ethics of the finished products. Farmers are paid above fair-trade standards, with the chocolate coming to the UK as directly as possible.

We are also working on environmental repsonsibility. All of our packaging is biodegradable. We have chosen not to use plastic inserts in our chocolate boxes, even though they are recyclable they are still plastic and we'd rather avoid this. It means the chocolates may come a little tighter packed in your box, or to put it another way – same size box, more chocolate! Behind the scenes, we also avoid single-use plastic in our kitchen.