Drinking chocolate

At Copperhouse Chocolate, we make proper hot chocolate.

We use single-origin cocoa, produced in the region where it's grown.  Once the cocoa beans have been fermented and dried, they are roasted freshly at a local facility. It allows the work to be done by people close to the beans and having knowledge of the growing and early processes.  Keeping the production local helps to raise the value of cocoa for the country of origin, helping to support the economies of the growers' countries.


Once the cocoa has arrived in the UK, we craft our recipes to create a luxurious drink perfect for snuggling up on chilly winter evenings!

Our Origin range will allow you to explore the varying flavour notes of cocoa from different parts of the world.  For the range of flavoured hot chocolates, fruit oils and spices are combined to create award-winning natural flavours.