barista pouring hot chocolate

Coffee shops, restaurants and delis! Join the hot chocolate revolution!

If you have a business and are looking to explore what hot chocolate can do for you, we'd love to have a chat. We supply coffee shops around the UK, we're also always interested in more unique collaborations and events.

Cafe owners and retail curators can rely on us to ensure that their chocolate tastes as good as the coffee served in their shops. Baristas not only love our signature flavour, but also our easy to use chocolate shavings which quickly stir into hot milk, transforming into the perfect cup of chocolate.

At Copperhouse Chocolate, we are focused on ethical sourcing and quality, choosing chocolate from small producers who take care over the product. Our award-winning recipes are made with only the finest ingredients, which have been carefully selected for their optimum quality, unique flavours, and traceability. One of our secrets lies in our balanced cocoa-fat content, allowing depth of flavour and enhanced mouthfeel.

Please get in touch at sales@copperhousechocolate.co.uk or via the form below with any ideas you have, let's see if we can make it work!