Colombia 55% single-origin hot chocolate
Colombia 55% single-origin hot chocolate

Colombia 55% single-origin hot chocolate

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This single-origin hot chocolate is has a sweet yet rich and earthy flavour. At Copperhouse Chocolate, we blend cocoa mass with Colombian panela - an unrefined sugar made from dried sugar-cane juice, to produce a soft, caramelly hot chocolate.


Colombian chocolate

Casa Luker is our wholesale supplier for our Colombian chocolate. They are one of the largest cacao exporters of Colombia and one of the oldest, making them incredibly well established and experienced in the world of cacao. Aside from guaranteeing world class cocoa flavour from their chocolate, an integral part of their organisational goals are geared towards environmental sustainability, human rights, tracebility, and support for local communities. Buy using their cocoa, we are supporting their values and the support they bring to the communities.

Regional growers' associations provide small cocoa farmers with training, subsidised equipment and other support. Cocoa is sent from farmers' cooperatives in the Santander region to the factory in Bogota, where it's roasted and made into delicious chocolate. Alongside this, sustainability projects aim to increase biodiversity and reduce deforestation, including planting trees in areas which used to be used for livestock.


Panela is dehydrated sugar cane juice, made using traditional processing methods.  This process preserves all of the vitamins and minerals present in the sugar cane, which are lost through the mechanic centrifugal process of refined sugars. Panela is typically made on small family farms in Colombia, and has a lower environmental footprint than refined sugars.


Our fine chocolate shavings melt into hot milk, for an easy to make luxurious treat. This Colombian chocolate is also great in a mocha or an iced chocolate.


Cocoa mass, panela sugar

Suitable for vegans


Typical values per 100g:

Energy 2045kj / 488kcal, Fat 30g -saturates 17g, Carbohydrate 51g -sugars 34g, Protein 8g, Salt <0.01g


Stir 3 dessert spoons (30g) into a cup of hot milk (150ml)

Heat up your milk first, in a pan or microwave, and then add the chocolate once it's hot. For a more chocolatey drink, we recommend using a teacup rather than a large mug!
Store in a cool, dry place

This will keep for at least 6 months